Sledding in Tahoe: A Secret Guide

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With its snow-capped peaks and stunning scenery, sledding in Tahoe is a favorite pastime for locals and visitors alike. Bring your own sled and check out one of the local Lake Tahoe sledding areas. Or rent your gear and have a high flying time add a snow park.

Aside from sledding there are plenty of places to go tubing in Lake Tahoe too. Sledding and tubing are some of the best winter activities in Tahoe.

This exclusive local guide brings you the best spots for tubing, sledding, and even dog sledding in Tahoe.

My family lives in Lake Tahoe and I’ve had this beautiful place as my backyard for 23 years. When I make my retreat back home for the snowy season I always make it a point to hit up one of the best sledding areas in Lake Tahoe. 

There’s nothing more fun than zipping down a slick snow hill with the beautiful Lake Tahoe in the background.

Many of these spots get quite crowded on weekends, during the holidays, and in Lake Tahoe in December so be sure to arrive early in order to get parking. 

However people are generally friendly and love to share the slopes for this favorite winter pastime.

Take a day off from skiing at one of Tahoe’s best ski resorts and go sledding instead. For a super special treat, go on a dog sledding adventure and learn what it’s like to be a musher.

Make sledding a part of your amazing Lake Tahoe weekend itinerary.

About This Guide To Sledding In Tahoe

I’ve spent over twenty winters in Lake Tahoe. as a local expert I’ll bring you the best sledding in Tahoe including:

  • Free local sledding hills
  • Where to go snow tubing in Tahoe
  • How to go dog sledding in Tahoe
  • Prices and locations for each area
  • Additional Tahoe vacay planning resources

Amazing Free Spots to Go Sledding in Lake Tahoe

They always say locals know best and when it comes to Lake Tahoe sledding hills, this local gal has you covered since sledding is easily one of the best things to do in Lake Tahoe in winter.

These incredibly free local Tahoe sledding hot spots feature hills that are suitable for families and adult thrill-seekers alike.

You’ll need to bring your own sled, warm layers, chairs, hot drinks, and pack out all of your trash. 

Remember, everyone loves free activities. Many of these places are quite popular so be sure to arrive early in order to secure parking. Never park illegally. Nothing ruins a holiday quite like a parking ticket!

sledding in lake tahoe

Mount Rose Sledding Meadows

Bring your favorite snow sports at the Mount Rose Meadows. Located about 15 minutes from Incline Village on the way to Reno – just past the summit of Mount Rose – you’ll find Mount Rose  Sledding Meadows. This spot features pull off parking area and plenty of death-defying hills, some of which can be quite large. 

The possibilities are endless here, and you’ll find hills suitable for families as well as those who might want a faster ride. 

Keep in mind this is also one of the best spots for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing so don’t expect to find solitude here. In fact, parking is guaranteed to fill up by 10 a.m. and even earlier on holidays and weekends. Police frequently patrol the area and ticket people parked in illegal spots.

Do your part to minimize impact and be sure to pack out all of your trash follow private property signs and be kind to one another.

Local Tip: The summit of Mt Rose trailhead has some limited options for sledding too. Keep an eye on your kids and park at the top of the pass in the parking lot.

Sawmill Pond 

Located in South Lake Tahoe, Sawmill Pond is the perfect spot for young kids and families to go sledding. As one of the best Lake Tahoe sledding areas you’ll have a relaxing ride down some small hills with killer views. 

At the Y Junction in South Tahoe keep going on Lake Tahoe Boulevard until you find Sawmill Pond.

There’s a very small parking lot and a gradual Hill that’s perfect for beginners letters are those who don’t want to go too fast. 

Of course it’s free to sled here, but that means you’ll need to bring your own sled and there are no facilities nearby.

Incline Village Snow Play Area

Incline Village located in North Lake Tahoe is a quiet, local area – a far cry from the casinos of the south shores. 

You’ll find Incline Village snow play area next to the Chateau Clubhouse near the driving range at the Incline Village Golf Course.

Sledding here is also free and the hills are quite gentle making it an idea spot to go sledding in Tahoe for families. Dog owners also love to use this area.

Again you’ll need to bring your own sled and anything else you’ll need for a day of playing in the snow.

best lake tahoe sledding

Kahle Park

You’ll find Kahle Park right on the border between California and Nevada just after you pass the Lakeside Casino on the Nevada side. 

This wide open public park has plenty of beautiful Tahoe views and a small sledding hill to enjoy a quick adrenaline rush. 

vVsit the Kahle Community Center for a quick warm-up and check out the beautiful Lakeside views. Kahle is hands-down the best places for sledding in Tahoe with a view of the lake.  

One reason why I love this spot it’s totally free. Just bring your own sled.

Spooner Summit Snow Play Area

The Donner Summit snow play area is a free spot for you to come and enjoy when one of winter’s best pastimes.

You’ll find Spooner Summit at the juncture of Highway 28 and Highway 50. 

Of course, like all free sledding areas in Lake Tahoe, bring your own sled or tube for your enjoyment.

Incredible Adventure Parks For Sledding In Lake Tahoe

If you want a few nice conveniences such as chair lifts, ice skating rinks, tubing, and snack stations you may want to check out some of the best adventure parks for sledding in Lake Tahoe. 

You’ll find some of these places within ski resorts. While others are stand-alone snow adventure parks.

Keep in mind each requires a fee and in 2020/2021 many require reservations so booked in advance.

tubing in lake tahoe

Adventure Mountain

Adventure Mountain offers no frills sledding and tubing runs at a reasonable price.  

Access Adventure Mountain off of Highway 50 just south of Echo Summit in California.

There are no lifts here, so you’ll get your steps in walking up one of the many groomed runs in the area.

Opt to bring your own sled, buy, or rent while you’re there. Helmets and snowshoes are also available. Bathrooms, a concession stand and warming hut are nearby for even more comfort.

There’s limited parking for a hundred spaces. A full lot on weekends is quite common so arrive early.

Price: $35-$55 depending on the day.

Tahoe Donner Snow Play Area 

Located off of I-80 near the Tahoe Donner Ski Area, the Tahoe Donner Snow Play Center is a blast for people of all ages. It offers several ungroomed areas for sledding in Tahoe as well as a couple of groomed tubing area is that are monitored. 

The price point is pretty sweet – especially for members who only pay $8 to use the facilities. All prices include rental equipment for sleds and tubes.

Don’t forget to check out the fire pit and hot cocoa station for a quick warm-up.

Price: $35, $41 for peak times

The Best Places for Snow Tubing In Lake Tahoe

If a bumpy sled ride isn’t your thing check out some of the awesome places for snow tubing in Lake Tahoe. 

Best tubing specific spots feature a ride uphill so you don’t have to hike with your tube. It’s your vacay afterfall!

Race your friends or family members or watch your kids laugh their ass off as they fly down these fun-filled runs.

Northstar Mountain

Often touted is one of the best ski resorts for families, Northstar Mountain has a killer tubing hill. Located near Mid Mountain this J-shaped route features whoops and swoops that will have you laughing for joy. 

Hours vary depending on the time of week and tickets are available on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Price: $40 on weekdays, $60 on weekends

Boreal Mountain Playground 

As one of Lake Tahoe’s favorite local ski resorts Boreal Mountain playground also has a sweet little Tubing Hill you’ve got to see. as one of the more affordable snow tubing auctions in Lake Tahoe, it’s a reasonable option for families.

you can opt for an all day pass or 90 minute ride. equipment is included

 Price: $34 – $54 depending on the time of year

Heavenly Tubing Mountain 

Tube on top of the world at the Heavenly Tubing Mountain. This is the most expensive place to tube, but with good reason.  

There’s more than just tubing with your ticket. You get a sweet gondola ride featuring some of the best Lake Tahoe views, a 1,000-foot-long tubing hill, and even an alpine coaster. 

It’s a great way to spend the day off the slopes but still in the heart of the action.

Price: $75 for the gondola ($49 for kiddos), $45 per person for all-day access to the coaster and tubing hill.

tubing in lake tahoe

Kingvale Tubing and Sledding Center

Outside of Lake Tahoe just 18 miles west of Truckee, you’ll find the Kingvale Tubing and Sledding Center.  

Home to the famous Stinger, their unique grooming technique carves and maintains some of the most thrilling tubing slopes in Tahoe. 

You can even go night tubing or rent snowmobiles from here.

Price includes all rentals – outside gear is prohibited. 

Price: $20

Where to Go Dog Sledding in Tahoe 

Sit back and relax as you learn about this ancient method of travel that’s been used in the Americas for centuries. 

Go dog sledding in Lake Tahoe for unique, fun, and surprisingly relaxed day in the snow. 

dog sledding lake tahoe

The best place to go dog sledding in Tahoe is with the Sierra Husky Tours. 

Husky Tours offers an immersive program will you learn all about the dogs what it’s like to be a musher and how to dog sled. 

There are a variety of programs that cater to all kinds of tastes and budgets. Play with the dogs and learn about this exciting way of getting across the snowy landscapes.

 Price: Varies.

 When it comes to planning the perfect fun-filled day sledding in Tahoe there are endless options to choose from. Don’t miss out on this classic winter activity on your next Tahoe getaway.

Additional Lake Tahoe Travel Resources

Planning a trip to Tahoe this winter? Let a local do the work for you check out these exclusive local guides to help you make the most of your Tahoe vacay.


Sledding and tubing are two of the best winter activities in Lake Tahoe. On this post, I share everything you need to know about sledding in Lake Tahoe in the winter, including tips on the best dog sledding activities, snow tubing, and more!
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