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Find yourself daydreaming about your next big outdoor adventure?

Want to learn the *secret* hot spots of Colorado and the American Southwest?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the best outdoor Colorado blog on the internet. 

I guarantee you’ll find no other place that gives you exclusive local Colorado travel recommendations, insider tips to how to beat the crowds on the hottest hiking trails, and where to find that secret camping spot hidden in the American Southwest.

So go ahead, stop traveling like a tourist, and start exploring Colorado and the American Southwest like a local.

Experience Colorado Like a Local, Not a Tourist.

Want all the beauty of the mountains without the hordes of crowds? Looking to get out there and see the most beautiful places in Colorado through a local lens? 

Uncovering the secret hiking spots in Colorado just got a lot easier with this lineup of Colorado Weekend Hiking Itineraries built just for your adventure.

Meet Meg

Meg here. Long-time Colorado local (13 years and counting). There’s nothing I love more than leaving the city and exploring my backyard of Colorado.

I went from calling myself a bad hiker to becoming a professional freelance writer for the outdoors.

Now I scale Colorado’s tallest peaks and inch my way to the top of desert towers only to have a relaxing night by the campfire each weekend.

The outdoors has so much to teach us about ourselves. The strength we find trying something new translates to all aspects of life.

I’m here to empower you to get outside with confidence. 

Get ready to level up your hiking skills, learn how to snag that secret camping spot, and so much more.

You have what it takes to feel courageous, self-reliant, and empowered when you get outside.

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Which Colorado Hike is Perfect for You?

Take this two-minute quiz to discover which Colorado hiking trail fits your personality! Get ready for drool-worthy views, unique landscapes, and more.

Incredible Adventures Start Here

Ready to say goodbye to crowded trails and hello to sweet, sweet outdoor solitude? 

Check out these amazing adventures perfect for this season…

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Secret Spots in Colorado You Need to Know About

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Oh hey there! I see you’ve found the premier hiking blog. Your navigation skills must be top-notch!
Fox in the Forest wants you to have the adventure trip of a lifetime, whether that be leveling up your backpacking skills or finding the most beautiful hikes in Colorado. This hiking blog is packed with incredible hiking and camping tips, expert knowledge on outdoor adventure trips across the globe and so much more.
Check out the latest posts so you can start experiencing the outdoors like a pro.

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