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Let's Start a Belaytionship

A climber uses the help of  a belayer (someone who stays on the ground and manages the rope) to stay safe. The belayer is a climber’s life line. They build a trust together. Grow together. And learn together. Some people call it a “belaystionship.” Believe me, belaytionships are beautiful things. 

You are here because you love the outdoors. I get that, my obsession with fresh air, spanning vistas, and a good challenge keeps me putting my heavy pack on, day in and day out. 

But I didn’t get to the remote corners of the wilderness by chance. I built my skill set and learned lots of things the hard way.

The belay is on and it's time to climb, together!

My passion is to pass that knowledge on to you. I’m not kidding. I quit my career to spread the good word of the outdoors. That’s right. I want to give you what you need to get outdoors often and excel at doing so.

So I created this AWESOME blog. But I always strive for more, so that wasn’t good enough for me. I want to bring you more because let’s face it, no one ever truly master’s Mother Nature. Thus, my newsletter was born.

Each month, I’ll be giving you FREE bonus tips, gear deals, humorous bloopers and more! For free, every month. All you need to do is type in your email below. Seriously. That simple.

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Still not convinced? I know giving away your email is a bit like giving away your favorite trail, so I’ve created a few freebies to make it an even trade.

free hiking planner and packing list

Day Hiking Planner & Checklist

This one-sheet-wonder will have you planning hikes like a pro in no time. Simply fill out the information, check off the packing list and drop your hiking plan with a trusted friend. Believe me, I know a thing or two about being caught unprepared in the wild, and with this handy one-page planner, you’ll be all set and your emergency contact will have everything they need.

Desert Road Trip Packing List

If you’re here to drool over the desert, then I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive desert trip planner and packing list. It’ll give you everything you need to stay organized while you plan your desert journey. There are even CUSTOMIZABLE fields, so you can add all the little extras for your unique adventure.

desert road trip packing list
backpacking packing list and planner

Backpacking Planner & Checklist

Be prepared for your next backpacking trip with this comprehensive backpacking planner. It takes you through all the steps to be prepared and organized on your next backpacking trip. Simply drop the first two pages off with a trusted friend and you’re trail ready!

Let’s adventure together!

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