Meg Atteberry

Hi there!

I’m simply your average 30-something gal with a knack for adventure and a stellar story. Once upon a time, I was lost soul, blindly going through life doing what others wanted, trying not to make waves.

One day, I woke up and looked in the mirror. Staring back at me was a shell of the person I once was. I decided to change. I left my old life behind. Flash forward five years later and I run my own business as a freelance content writer and digital marketing consultant.

Today, I have nearly a decade of experience in the creative industry. I’ve managed multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies and helped small businesses realize their marketing goals. Your story makes your brand unique and I want to tell the world about it.

If you believe the sweet elixir of hard work, a positive attitude, and a few laughs in between, then we would make a great team. Life isn’t just about putting your best face forward, but it’s about being real, being honest, and being true to yourself. Together, we can build incredible content.

This is me, reliable, honest, and engaged.

Hire a dependable freelance content writer to help tell your story.

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Adventure Travel & Outdoor Blog

Aside from writing, I have a passion for the outdoors. So I started an outdoor blog

My mission? Empower other women to get outside and have an adventure.

Here’s a little story.

Once upon a time I was terrified of heights. I couldn’t even watch someone stand near a cliff without panicking. But my partner wanted to get into rock climbing and I wanted to support him. After years of facing my fears, one day, something clicked. Now I am an alpine rock climber, often times soaring hundreds of feet above the ground.

I learned that staring at fear is like staring at a mirror. Only through facing what scares us in life can we reveal  our true self and build strength. 

So I started Adventures of Fox in the Forest to teach you how to build your outdoor skillset and face your fears. 

Join the adventure on my outdoor blog as we summit mountains, backpack into the wilderness, explore foreign lands, and have a blast doing it.

I’d rather be dirty than done up.