How Fox in the Forest Works

My Values

I’ve grown tired of bloggers accepting freebies in exchange for a good word.

In fact, it really ruins my overall experience. The pressure to say good things and repeat the thousands of other voices out there is real. And that’s not me.

The result? You don’t get the honest answer you deserve.

Simply put, the better the marketing team, the more exposure a product or experience has. 

And I want to change that.

Meg hiking a mountain with a helmet on while wearing a white sweatshirt, black sunglasses, and a backpack.

We don't take freebies

In 2021 I stopped taking free gear or paid travel experiences (called press trips) in exchange for a mention at Fox in the Forest.

When I travel for the blog, I do so on my own dime.

This not only gives me the ultimate freedom to explore – so you can get the hot info on truly hidden gems – but it also lets me report back to you in a more authentic way.

The result?

You get real-world recommendations that come from hands-on experiences instead of what the tourism boards want to show you.

Of course, there are a few legacy posts on here where I am upfront about paid solicitation or trades, or projects I was working on back when I was a freelance writer for the outdoors.

What about Gear?

I used to professionally write gear reviews for a living. Today, not so much.

All gear recommendations you’ll find at Fox in the Forest are personally purchased through the blog. 

When I recommend something, I want to feel the full weight of the cost on my wallet while I evaluate how well it performs.

This directly translates to honest outdoor gear recommendations from an ex-professional gear writer. A win-win for you!

Person hiking along the Cascade Peak Trail in Indian Peaks Wilderness.

AI Policy

The world of online content is changing fast. But the outdoors isn’t. AI cannot possibly deliver the in-depth, hands-on knowledge of getting outside, hiking the miles and feeling the burn.

Here at Fox in the Forest, we NEVER use AI to write, publish, or research our work. 

We get out there. We get dirty. We have the dusty boots to prove it. And we are focused on the HUMAN experience.

Does AI have a place in modern business? Sure, but you will not find ANY AI-generated content on this website or any affiliated channels of Fox in the Forest.

Fox in the Forest upholds its integrity to pay for all experiences and gear so YOU can get the TOP-NOTCH recommendations for outdoor adventures.

But I’m a company, how do I work with Fox in the Forest?

The only place we offer paid sponsorship opportunities is through sponsoring a newsletter.

We hold 2 monthly spots on our newsletter for paid sponsorships. These shout-outs do not impact the topic of the newsletter, but they are an opportunity for Colorado-grown companies to introduce themselves to thousands of highly-engaged readers.

Note: We do not respond to any paid or trade requests outside of newsletter sponsorships from our contact page. These requests are ignored.