Explore Colorado like a local, not a tourist.

Ready to experience the most incredible Colorado scenery without the crowds with a fully-customizable itinerary that features the most amazing scenery in the Centennial State?

Have you heard the myth?

Have you heard the myth that you can’t hike the most popular trails in Colorado without being in a conga line with 300 of your “closest friends?” 

Maybe you believe you can’t get off the beaten hiking trail without years of local knowledge and insight? 

Sure, you could line up on the best Colorado hiking trails with 300 strangers. Or you could spend YEARS searching for that slice of mountain paradise.  

But why do that when you can let a local of over 12 years show you the sweet secret spots and get local insight into how to have Colorado’s most loved trails all to yourself?

Customizable Colorado Weekend Hiking Itineraries let you uncover the best Colorado has to offer, without the crowds.

⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️ Side effects of having an epic weekend in Colorado like a seasoned local may include:

Not only is all of this possible, but with a locally-curated itinerary to the hottest Colorado destinations take the guesswork out of the equation.

Explore Colorado like a local, not a tourist. Discovering the secret hiking spots in Colorado just got a whole lot easier with my customizable Colorado Weekend Trip Hiking Itineraries.


Customizable Colorado Weekend Hiking Itineraries

Explore Colorado like a local, not a tourist.

It’s my mission to empower you to get outside and enjoy the magic of Colorado without the hordes of people. 

Unlike other itineraries you’ll find online, these exclusive weekend getaways give you real, local advice you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. 

You’ll have the ultimate power to choose from several different hikes, catering to all abilities to suit your mood.

The end result?

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Colorado welcome Guide

Get to Know Colorado

A complete guide to traveling in Colorado like a local, not a tourist so that you can avoid the crowds and have a hassle-free vacay. 

($200 value)

Step-by-Step Guide

How to maximize your itinerary.

A cheat sheet for how to best use your chosen itinerary. Get tips on creating a balanced schedule.

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Dog friendly hikes denver

6 different itineraries

Customizable Colorado Weekend Getaway Itinerary

A choose-your-own-adventure itinerary that features local recommendations of the best hikes in each area for all abilities so that you can create a custom weekend in Colorado to fit your needs.

(Value: $200)

Which trip is right for you?
Right now, you can choose from 6 different locations across Colorado. Here’s a quick breakdown of each featured destination:

National Parks Galore

Estes Park, Colorado

A popular area thanks to its close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park. Learn how to visit the park like a local and skirt the insane crowds at the hottest hiking trails as well as find those secret gems that make Rocky Mountain NP one of the most beautiful places in Colorado.

Local's Weekend in the Sawatch

Twin Lakes, Colorado

Situated at the base of the beautiful Sawatch Range, Twin Lakes is loved by locals. There are many unique hikes in the area, including the highest concentration of 14ers (peaks over 14,000 feet high) in the state. Learn how to hike to the state’s high point without being in a sea of people.

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Discover the Alps of America

Ouray, Colorado

Get away from the crowds and guides in the “Alps of America.” This stunning mountain town has plenty of secrets if you know where to look. Featuring jaw-dropping alpine lakes and fun-filled scenic drives, this is a must-see spot in Colorado.

Enjoy the Canyons

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is a classic Colorado locale. With ample hiking trails that take you to fairy tale lakes, plenty of water-filled fun, and a relaxing hot springs to soak in. Perfect for families and couples who want a dash of adventure and a bit of a quintessential Colorado town vibe.

best things to do in glenwood springs
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Scenery and Culture Combined

Breckenridge, Colorado

A famous Colorado mountain town close to Denver, Breckenridge (Breck to us locals) often gets plenty of touristy crowds. Thanks to an abundance of festivities, locals come up virtually every weekend to get out on some of the closely guarded secret spots. If Breck is your ideal destination, then this itinerary teaches you how to avoid pesky mountain traffic, over-crowded tourist trails, and delivers you beautiful alpine lakes prime for sunrise or sunset. 

Discover Colorado's Hidden Mountain Range

Vail, Colorado

As one of the fancier resort towns along the I-70 corridor, Vail has so much more to offer than the overly corporate mountain town. In fact, the most incredible mountain range in the entire state is here for those who are up for the challenge. Rugged, remote peaks pierce the skyline if you’re an avid hiker who isn’t afraid of elevation gain.

To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to get enjoy a stress-free Colorado weekend trip you’ll also get access to special bonuses

let's dive into your bonuses


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The Pro Gear Guide

As a professional outdoor gear tester for national publications, I’ve got the inside scoop on the best outdoor gear for any budget.

Inside you’ll find professional recommendations for every budget and a checklist to keep you organized.

You’ll also get tips and hacks for how to use what you have at home if you’re on a shoestring budget.

$197 value

Complete Colorado Packing List

A completely customizable packing list so that you can stay organized as you pack.

Broken down by category, you can check that you’re ready with all the essentials for your hiking getaway.

$35 Value


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Travel like a local now.

choose your adventure

ONE itinerary


All 6 destinations


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"...We experienced a hassle-free adventure in several stunning areas of Colorado."

Thanks to Meg, we experienced a hassle-free adventure in several stunning areas of Colorado.

Meg’s attention to detail allowed for a safe vacation off the beaten path where we felt prepared for the unique elements of the wild. This advanced preparation allowed us to truly enjoy what the outdoors has to offer!

Kelli, M.

"She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to safely and responsibly recreating in Colorado."

She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to safely and responsibly recreating in Colorado.

Meg’s always got the secret spots for camping and we always get trail recommendations that don’t include lots of crowds.

If you’re looking for a unique Colorado experience, Meg has it!

Sarah H.

"...Thanks for giving us the resources to empower us to do great things."

[We] had an amazing sunset that we would have missed if we didn’t camp – it was surreal. Thanks for giving us the resources to empower us to do great things. One of my daughter’s favorite parts was just changing plans the day-of and doing something completely different.

Christi, k.

Let me pull back the curtain...

…and show you how I hiked one of Colorado’s most popular 14ers (Grey’s Peak) and had the entire summit to myself on a summery Saturday morning. 

This hike is less than 40 minutes from Denver and the line of cars parked along the road is often miles long. 

It is ENTIRELY possible to enjoy Colorado’s most scenic hikes with virtually no one around. 

Standing on top of that summit, watching the mighty shadow of the mountain crawl across the valley below was something I’ll never forget.

Meg Atteberry, creator of Colorado Getaways

Get your Colorado Weekend Trip Itinerary today.

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Here are just a few of the amazing moments awaiting you with the Customizable Colorado Weekend Hiking Itineraries:

Get the Customizable Colorado Weekend Getaway that fuels your soul and make memories to last a lifetime.

Meg Atteberry

Meet Meg

Colorado has been my home base for over 13 years. I’ve scoured the state for the absolute best scenery, most engaging hikes, and a few thrills along the way.

And guess what? I do 99% of my Colorado travels as a weekend warrior. Yup, I still do this, even though I work for myself. 

So if you’re looking for expert advice on how to make the most of your weekends, you’re in good company.

After YEARS of weekend shenanigans, I wanted to pass that Holy Grail of knowledge onto you.

When I’m not outside, you can find me writing for the outdoor industry. I literally get paid to hike.

You won’t find a better expert on hiking in Colorado anywhere else.

Imagine how much different your Colorado weekend vacay could look if…

You had trusted, local insight from a pro instead of relying on the busy “best of” lists on the internet?

You saw an amazing mountain sunrise bursting with color and had all the juicy pics to share with your friends.

Instead of swimming through crowds, you could find instant solitude for a stress-free getaway.

You’ve got your vacay planned instead of spending hundreds of hours scouring the internet for info about how to see the best-kept secrets.

Still got questions? I've got answers.


These itineraries are perfect for any travel from mid-June through September. Early June and October are also possible, but snow may still exist and not all dirt roads may be open depending on the weather. Always check local conditions before you head out.

YES! Get the lay of the land from a 12-year local. This is a great way to explore your new home without having to deal with the blunders of falling into tourist traps.

Probably not. If you’re comfortable planning your own off-the-grid adventures, then you likely won’t benefit from these itineraries, since you’re already a pro. But hey, they make great gifts for friends who want to get out just like you, but don’t know how!

Absolutely. Each itinerary has 3 easy hikes to choose from and several different activities (guided or self-guided) such as nearby scenic drives without 4WD, reservable campgrounds, unique experiences, and more.

Yes! Colorado is one of the most challenging places to hike in the country, and each itinerary offers 3 challenging hikes to choose from. 

Think butt-busting elevation gains, long mileage, and getting DEEP into the wilderness.

Yes. Some trailheads will require a high-clearance 4WD vehicle (don’t worry, they are labeled on the itinerary). But each itinerary also has several accessible trailheads to choose from.

Hiking and camping in the mountains requires special gear to stay safe and comfortable. Don’t have the gear? Don’t worry, you get gear recommendations and local rental recommendations to snag the gear you need to get out there.

That depends on your plans. Each itinerary stop features different highlights and feel. Read the descriptions to choose the one that best fits your style and travel plans. Or buy all 6 for a summer full of adventure.

Of course. The brilliant part about choosing your own adventure, is that you can explore each suggestion on the list! 

Add these to your Colorado road trip, go for a long weekend, or explore for the whole week.

When you’re out hiking, sometimes you want to slow down or tackle a tough challenge. Plans may change and I want you to have flexibility in each itinerary. That’s why you’ll have 9 choices for hikes and 6 choices for additional activities, so you can go with the flow and choose what’s right for you.

Get ready to visit Colorado like a local!

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