Pack Your Bags: 15 of the Most Amazing Hiking Trails in the World

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Last month, I released a post about why you should drop everything and get outside. The response was so overwhelming, I’m taking this conversation overseas. Told by travelers from across the globe, these are the most amazing hiking trails in the world.

Resources for Hiking

New to hiking? I’ve got a lineup of awesome resources just for you:

Hike to the Kallur Lighthouse in the Faroe Islands

As someone who has lived in Norway, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to scenery.  The Faroe Islands managed to do it and I am still daydreaming about how perfect the islands are.  This hike to the Kallur Lighthouse on Kalsoy is famous for its dramatic views.  My hike didn’t go according to planned and my fear of heights made me turn around.  Once I turned around, a thick patch of fog engulfed my partner and I and the views were much different than that of the token lighthouse photos you see when scouring the internet.  While everyone else’s photos from this hike look the same… mine look different.  And I truly think it represents the way I connect with nature on a very personal, and unique level.

See how in Megan Starr’s post about Hiking in the Faroe Islands.

hike kallur faroe islands

Discover Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada

The day we visited the Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) was incredibly special because it was early and completely silent when we arrived – there were very few people on the trail, and a sense of calm adventure just permeated the whole hike. The trails are amazing – and include walkways bolted to the canyon walls and more than one spot to get up close and personal with waterfalls – and some of the hidden sights, like the one pictures, are even more incredible. Being outdoors in places like this just makes the whole world slow down and seem infinitely huge and amazing – which can be a game-changer for your perspective on life, in general.

Read how you can go on an epic journey to Johnston Canyon with Two Restless Homebodies.

most amazing hiking trails in the world

Explore the Chalk Cretaceous Quarries Near Volkovysk, Belarus

This natural wonder was actually created by people. Chalk quarries in Belarus were (obviously) created to mine chalk and limestone, which caused the turquoise color of the water. The place near the city of Volkovysk quickly became very popular among tourists and locals.

Read more about discovering the great country of Belarus here.

hiking in belarus

Free Your Soul Wandering Carcass Island, Falkland Islands

I’ve chosen this picture of Carcass Island as it best represents the freedom of walking in the Falkland Islands. The wide open spaces, untamed landscapes, and wildlife encounters (those black and white things on the beach are Gentoo penguins and sea lions could be found nearby!) make it an absolute joy to hike around. There are no restrictions on Carcass Island, as with many of the islands, meaning you truly are free to make your own path – and I can’t think of better motivation to get out and explore than that!

Need more reasons to visit the spectacular Falkland Islands? Check this post from Le Long Weekend.

Hiking the Falkland Islands


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Hike the 7 Rila Lakes Trail in Bulgaria

This photo was taken on the 7 Rila Lakes hike in Bulgaria. Getting outdoors is important to me because it resets my creativity and gives me a break from my overactive mind. This hike, in particular, is important to me because it was when I first realized just how beautiful the mountains and landscape around my newly adopted home of Sofia are. It really made me fall in love with the country.

Read up on Allison’s insider guide to Bulgaria here.

rila lakes hike in bulgaria

Solo Backpack the Great Kananaskis Country in Alberta, Canada

Nature provides endless opportunities to challenge ourselves. On this particular trip, I challenged myself to backpack solo for the first time. It definitely won’t be the last time.

Read up on the best route to take in Laura’s trip report of Kananaskis Country.

best hikes around the world canada

Stand by the Sea at Marwick Head, Orkney

On the north coast of Orkney Mainland, the cliffs rise for the turquoise sea below.  With fulmars calling and the waves crashing on the rocks far below it is a harsh and intense landscape.  Sitting atop the cliffs at Marwick Head is the Kitchener Memorial.  Whilst this landscape is beautiful on a spring day it is hard to believe the turmoil and tragedy that occurred here.  In June 1916 H.M.S Hampshire sunk a mile off the coast after hitting a mine.  Onboard was Lord Kitchener and 667 men of which only 12 survived.  Sitting on the cliff it is hard to believe the sacrifice these men made on that day, but also thoughts turn to what a stunning location to be remembered, hopefully forever.   Warwick Head is also an RSPB nature reserve and has a large colony of nesting seabirds in the summer months and beautiful wildflowers growing on the cliff tops during the spring and summer.  Wild hares and black rabbits skit about on the edges, so close to the edge but never going over.   Learn more about Orkeny over at Meandering Wild.

orkeny hiking

Trek to the Tallest Mountain in the World: Everest Base Camp, Nepal

We don’t conquer mountains or any wild places we visit, but they do challenge us and teach us about ourselves.  I visit these places to learn from them, to find out what I can accomplish. The outdoors gives me so much, I now know, more than ever, that I need to give back to it.   Discover more outdoor adventures at Chris’ blog, The Bold Nomad.

worlds best hikes

For more about trekking in Nepal, see these resources:

Climb Mountains in Huascaran National Park, Peru

Nowhere else can I find such surroundings to quite and relax my mind so deeply than I do in the mountains. Suddenly everyday struggles fall silent and my mind wanders to childhood memories and happy moments of my life.

This photo was taken in Huascaran National Park surrounded by the highest peaks of Peruvian Andes. Their endless number of blue lagoons and hiking options is unbelievable. If you’d like to visit, this comprehensive guide is all you need.

best hiking in Peru

Want to take awesome photos like these? Check out my free guide to taking outdoor photos on the go.

Get Your Kids Outside on the Ridgeway National Path, United Kingdom

I love to get outside in the countryside of the UK, the beautiful green fields, rolling hills, often dramatic skies are always a pleasure to walk amongst.

This day I took my kids to an area I spent time as a youngster with my own father. Around the Chilterns in Hertfordshire (on the Ridgeway national path). In particular, you can see Ivinghoe Beacon an area I visited many times with my dad, so this was special, to be a dad taking my own children back there.

Learn more about hiking in the UK with local guides developed by Ashley at Views from an Urban Lake.

best hikes in the UK

Listen to the Glaciers at Wedgemount Lake near Whistler, British Columbia

Living in British Columbia, Canada I’ve seen my fair share of alpine glaciers, but I never get tired of them. It’s so awe-inspiring to sit next to a glacier listening to it melt and watching the sunshine through the blue edges of the ice. The hike to this glacier at Wedgemount Lake near Whistler, BC is a challenging one, but it’s still one of my favourites.

Happiest Outdoors is your one-stop-shop for all things hiking in Canada.

wedgemount lake best hike in british columbia

Relax and Soak in the Views of Mount Rigi near Lucerne, Switzerland

To feel relaxed and happy I have to go outside and explore our beautiful nature from time to time. That day I went to Mount Rigi, which is located nearby Lucerne in Switzerland, and hiked alone for some hours. To me, being in nature is being totally free.

Learn more about Lucern here.

best hikes in europe

Backpack in Argentinian Patagonia…with the Whole Family

There is nothing like walking in the mountains for me, especially with my family. Every hike in the mountains has helped me grow in a true sense. I believe my soul always lives in the mountains while my body fulfills its worldly responsibilities.   This photo is from my first family backpacking trip in Argentinian Patagonia with my five years old son and eight years old daughter.   Follow Binny’s adventures on Instagram.

best hikes in patagonia the Fitz Roy

Discover Colombia’s Lost City

Still one of our most enjoyable but hardcore treks to date, The Lost City in Colombia is an absolute must if you like being outside and pushing your boundaries. Four days of hiking through the lush green Sierra Nevada mountains and accompanying rainforest culminates in an ascent up a sheer stone staircase to the climax of Ciudad Perdida, aka The Lost City. It’s such a rewarding sight, abandoned during the Spanish conquest of Colombia, it was lost to nature for generations. For us, being sweaty and dirty come sunset means we’ve had an awesome day, which was certainly the case over the course of this adventure.

Lost city Colombia Trek

BONUS: Take a City Break, Hike in Taiwan

The weather was awful when we started our trip around Taiwan, the coldest winter in decades. It was so freezing, rainy, and windy when we arrived at the Yangmingshan trailhead that we were seriously tempted to get back to town and soak in hot spring water. But luckily we went for it, and it was stunning. The mist created a surreal atmosphere for a really memorable day!

Thanks for sharing that amazing moment Cycloscope.

best hikes in taiwan

  If you could hike anywhere in the world, where would you go? Don’t delay and plan a trip to the most amazing hiking trails in the world. Discover for yourself what this beautiful planet has to offer.  

The most inspirational hikes in the world. Best places to hike in the world. Incredible bucket-list hikes. Travel inspiration for hikers. #hiking #outdoors #travel
The most inspirational hikes in the world. Best places to hike in the world. Incredible bucket-list hikes. Travel inspiration for hikers. #hiking #outdoors #travel
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