I am a Colorado freelance writer who focuses on the outdoors, travel, and the AEC industry. Whether you need help with an entire website, or just a quick brochure, I’ve got it covered.

Aside from writing incredible content, I’m easy to work with. I believe a successful project hinges on open communication lines. I’m punctual, hard-working, and believe in delivering you the best product to support your business or publication.

Outdoor Recreation and Retail Freelance Writer

I have been an active member in the outdoors community for years now. First and foremost I consider myself an outdoor freelance writer. My blog aims to encourage people to get outside and have an adventure. I am a seasoned hiker, mountaineer, backpacker, and dabble in rock climbing. Based out of Denver, Colorado my specific niche revolves around the lesser-known trails and peaks here in the Colorado Rockies. My expertise lies in finding the perfect isolated camping spot or being the only one on the summit of a challenging peak. My expertise, combined with my enthusiasm for the outdoor community makes me the ideal candidate for your outdoor campaign. Whether it be selling hiking boots or encouraging people to join your mountaineering club I’m your girl.

colordao Freelance writer

Freelance Writer for the Travel Industry

If there’s one thing I live for it’s adventure. I often refer to travel as my drug of choice. As a freelance writer I believe everyone deserves a chance to travel and I’ve made it my life mission to encourage people to do so. In my short time on this planet I’ve visited over 30 countries and lived in four different countries across three continents.

I currently work with a few adventure tour companies. Does your company have a passion for travel? If so please contact me with any needs you may have.

Architecture and Design

Did you know that I’m also a licensed architect in the state of Colorado? Although I no longer practice full time, I still maintain my license. My experience covers all areas of a project, from the RFP through to close out. Throughout my career I have worked in several market sectors including: Civi/Government, Biopharma/Biotech, Lab Planning, Higher Ed, Civic/Government, Aviation and Multi-Family Housing.

Colorado Freelance Writer


Fun fact: After finishing grad school at the University of Colorado, I started out working for a mechanical contractor. I worked as a welder on non-structural steel studs. During my time working with a contractor I organized crews, walked down jobs, coordinated drawings, and ordered materials. I certainly understand that construction can be a stressful business. Let me alleviate some of the weight and take care of your writing, so you can focus on that big job instead.

Real Estate

As an architect I understand the importance of being able to communicate to user groups. Being able to explain design to a lay audience is important if you want to sell. My architectural expertise allows me to relay that technical expertise into writing content that reach your clients.

Want to know more? You can see samples of my published work on my Press Page. Or drop me a line with your latest project.

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