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7 Pieces of the Best Car Camping Gear You Can’t Live Without

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I used to think of car camping as backpacking with a vehicle. Maybe you had a camping chair and a cooler, but that’s about it. Then I got smart. The sport of car camping demands a little luxury. Now that I have a teardrop camper, I’ve elevated my car camping game by including fun luxuries such as twinkle lights and a memory foam mattress. With the holidays right around the corner, I’ll hook you up with these seven amazing car camping gift ideas that are guaranteed to elevate your car camping game.

*A quick note: This post contains affiliate links and some sponsored content. This means that if you click a link and purchase something, I get a small kickback at no added cost to you (you get honest gear recs and I get to keep this website going). Please note that I NEVER recommend any products before testing them out, beating them up and fully vetting their capabilities. You can read more about my affiliate policy here.

Cook it up with the best camping pots and pans

GSI Outdoors makes camp cooking possible with their incredible lineup of cook sets. I can’t get enough of my Bugaboo Base Camper cook set. The non-stick coating lasts along bumpy roads and the pots and pans nest, making cleanup a breeze. Long gone are the days of using old aluminum cook sets. This set has vented lids so you can easily drain pasta or cook water in a jiffy. Essentially all of my friends own a set of these, they are literally that amazing.

The Bugaboo Base Camper is on the pricier side, with the large model coming in at $99. However with two pots, a pan and cutting board (or a plate) this cook set can easily handle the needs of a family of four.

best car camping gear

Cookin’ up some grub with my GSI cook set. So awesome, literally all of my friends have it.

Give the gift of sound

Typically, when I’m out with friends we hardly use a portable speaker. However, when my good friend Sarah and I are cooking, we like to keep the camp kitchen dancy. I also enjoy some soft music when I’m camping solo. However, we never blast the tunes (seriously, be respectful of your neighbors) but if you need a little beat to spice up the evening, don’t hesitate to pick up an Altec Lansing LifeJacket 2. At the time of this post, this bad box only costs $100 – which is a STEAL considering this Bluetooth speaker can withstand being dunked underwater, rained on, snowed on and defeat dust and sand. I’ve actually got two speakers like this, one for home and one for life on the road. I’ve beaten the crap out of my LifeJacket and it’s still as good as new.

Set the mood with Luci Lights

MPOWERD, a benefit corp (meaning they are socially and environmentally responsible and transparent) recently sent me a few Luci lights to put through my rigorous series of tests. Their Luci Outdoor Pro is a solar-powered, inflatable light also comes with a USB charger. I immediately fell in love. Not only with the company’s thoughtful stance on sustainability – they distribute these handy LEDs to folks who don’t have electricity across the world, but they are super handy for any situation. I’ve taken my Luci Outdoor Pro camping, backpacking and even overseas! The Luci Solar String Lights bring a portable (solar powered), festive mood to any camp. I love to string them up around camp and even while I’m on the go (seriously, I brought them to Belize just to dance at night near palm trees).

Each Luci Light costs around $35, making it an affordable camping gift option. My only knock is that they take a minute to charge and I wouldn’t solely rely on the USB charger if you carry a lot of cameras and gadgets, but it works great to give your phone some juice on the go!

excellent car camping gear

My life is not a Pinterest spread, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little festive lighting at camp!

Relax in style with a camping couch

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, bouldering crash pads make excellent couches! That’s right, you can build a couch with a cooler and a crash pad. In fact, bouldering crash pads come in hand for more than just protecting yourself while climbing pebbles. My dog loves to lounge on my Metolius Session II Crash Pad. It’s my favorite desert camping accessory because I can quickly pack it up, strap it to my back and wander to the nearest climbing problem around camp. At $145 it isn’t the cheapest lounger on the market, but if you already like to climb, then it’ll make a perfect addition to your climber’s base camp.

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Make Lip Smackin’ S’mores

Do you dream of the perfect gooey s’more? I’m a burnt mallow gal myself (yummy, crispy carbon) and there’s something about the Rolla Roaster sticks that make this campfire tradition special. When a friend whipped out a set of these on a car camping trip I thought it was a bit gimmicky, but they are actually insanely helpful. The sticks extend and you can spin the forks with the whirl of a small wheel near the handle, ensuring your sugary treat is toasted to perfection. At only $13 for a set of four, this is a gift that promises plenty of smiles.

Best car camping accessories

Stay Covered and Cozy

I don’t leave for camp without my Rumpl Blanket ($150) and Shammy ($59). The Rumpl blanket is essentially a sleeping bag in blanket form, it goes with me everywhere. It keeps me cozy on cool mornings and my dog simply loves to lounge around. If I’m headed to warmer climates or I’ll be chilling near water, I pack my Rumpl Shammy. This Shammy does double duty. First, it rappels dirt and sand (a real life-saver on my two-week trip through the desert). And secondly, it’s highly absorbent and packable, making it the perfect companion for watery destinations. Rumpl has the cover-up needs on lockdown.

desert road trip packing list

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best car camping gear gift ideas

The Rumpl is one of my fav camping blankets. It’s so versatile, and my friends usually fight over it!

A top-shelf cooler that doesn’t break the bank

Yeti Coolers are a total rip off, #sorrynotsorry. Sure, they do their job well, but did you know you can spend a lot less and get the same exact cooler? My 40L Grizzly Cooler costs nearly $80 less than a Yeti. This bad mamma can hold ice for over 24 hours and keeps food cool even when it’s blazing hot out. I’ve put four days worth of food and drink in this cooler without much of a fuss.

It doesn’t leak and if you put a few master locks on the end, it’s bearproof. At $225, it’s still a pricey cooler, but you don’t need to buy the name brand to get the same quality. Oh, and you can get the cooler in almost every color under the sun which is a nice plus. I’ve also heard good things about the Ozark Trail brand coolers, but I haven’t personally tested them myself.

Each of these pieces of car camping gear adds something different to your camp. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one (or yourself, no shame!) these car camping gift ideas aim to give a little bit of luxury to the car camper on your list this year.

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