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Layers upon layers of endlessly steeper and higher peaks surround you. You’ve been walking for days, but each rotation of the earth is more astonishingly beautiful than the last. Every village you stop in you’re immediately treated like family. Your guide has been coming to this region for nearly 15 years, he knows everyone like a brother and you, by default, are extended family. Taking a break on the trail you share a snack with your team and a stranger. Open arms, open hearts, and breathtaking scenery. None of this would have been possible without the experienced and community-oriented team at Trekking Planner Nepal (a TAAN Member).

Many of you know that I’ve dreamed of seeing Mount Everest since I was 10 years old. At the age of 30 I finally got around to making that dream a reality (read about my preparations). I opted to trek up to the top of Gokyo Ri 5,400m (17,716’). This route boasts the best panorama in the entire Khumbu region offering fantastic views of Everest, Lotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and the Ngozumpa Glacier – the largest in the Himalaya.

trekking planner nepal
I received a small discount on my trek for writing this review. However, I’d be writing it anyway, this is an incredible company. All opinions are my own. Location: Gokyo

Above and beyond what I could have possibly imagined, the entire experience has left me speechless. Selecting the proper trekking company is paramount. Trekking Planner Nepal delivered above and beyond even my wildest expectations.

Attention to Detail

Trekking Planner Nepal has a knack for detail making it the best trekking company in Nepal. From the very beginning of the planning stages all the way to the final departure the owner, Dipak, ensures you are prepared for your adventure. Squirrel and I had arrived in Dubai for a 40 hour layover only to discover that our bags, with all of our trekking gear, had not made the journey. We were headed to the highest peaks of the Himalaya with nothing more than a toothbrush and some desert clothing.

Awe-struck at the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu – one of the largest in the world.

We contacted Dipak to let him know the situation and that our plan was to carry on. After all, we had traveled across the world for this. He told us that although it is most certainly not a good situation, we would be able to find everything we needed in Kathmandu and he would help get us situated if our bags didn’t end up making it to Dubai. In the 11th hour, thanks to a bit of luck and a few stern phone calls our bags made it to Dubai. Crisis averted, but Dipak was still there to go above and beyond to help out.

The Heart of Trekking Planner Nepal – Exceptional Guides

A guide will make or break your experience in Nepal. A highly knowledgable quality guide is exactly what Trekking Planner delivers. The guides set Trekking Planner Nepal apart as the best trekking agency in Nepal. Dipak himself was a guide for many years. He knows what makes a great guide and employs trusted colleagues like our guide Krishna. Krishna is hands down the best guide I’ve ever had in all of the 31 countries I’ve visited. His knowledge, sense of humor, encouragement, and flexibility are simply unmatched.

Trekking Planner Nepal - guides
Meet Krishna – our fun loving guide. We were constantly laughing, joking, singing, and telling stories.

Other guides would leave their clients alone the second they got the chance. Krishna would hang out with us, play cards, take us on acclimatization hikes around the villages, even help us bargain for a few items we needed in town. It wasn’t uncommon for other trekkers to lean in close when we were all hanging out in the teahouse while Krishna told a story. He enjoyed learning from us, just as much as we enjoyed learning from him.

I’ll never forget our day in Gokyo. We worked hard to make our way to one of the highest settlements in the world. Krishna rallied us to hike a little higher after arriving at the teahouse to get a view of the magnificent Ngozumpa Glacier. To ensure you are properly acclimatized and sleep better, it’s a good idea to hike higher than where you sleep. We got to the top of the hill and sat down on a couple of rocks. As we watched the clouds roar through the valley and the peaks beyond peak-a-boo through the the fluffy white we chatted about life in our respective worlds. This simple moment reminded us that we were with someone who didn’t see us as just a paycheck, but genuinely cared about who we were.

Enjoying a hard-earned view of Ngozumpa Glacier and all of her glory.

We started our journey through the Himalaya with a guide, and left with a close friend. It’s people like Krishna that truly make travel special.

Stay in the Best Teahouses with Trekking Planner Nepal

The places we stayed throughout the trek were all top-notch. There are seemingly endless amounts of options for places to eat and teahouses to stay in. Trekking Planner Nepal consistently provided us with wonderful rooms in places with the best views and excellent home cooking. For example, it is quite common to stay in a teahouse with an outdoor bathroom. The thought of having to use the restroom in the middle of the night where temps dropped well below -11c (12F) is pretty unbearable. We were never in that situation. In fact, we had a bathroom in our room all the way from Lukla to Namche and beyond that it was just a short trip down the hall. Trust me, it’s the small details such as these that make a world of difference high in the Himalaya.

Mung La Teehouse
Every single teahouse we stopped in was clean, welcoming, and had a spectacular view.

Often times we spent the day relaxing in a quiet, cozy space after a hard day trekking. Other tour groups crammed onto tourist-ridden patios while we relaxed in a Himalayan garden oasis sipping tea chatting up the owners about life in Nepal.

Where most of the other groups stayed…
Nirvana Lodge
The wonderful garden at the Nirvana Lodge in Jorsale. Staying here was a dream. Charm, seclusion, and garden fresh veggies for dinner – what’s not to love?

Looking for a Custom Trekking Itinerary? No Problem for Trekking Planner

Altitude is a funny thing. It can knock you down before you’ve even stood up and it will strike at any time it deems fit. After summiting Gokyo Ri I started to feel extremely nauseous. I’m familiar with how my body behaves at altitude, dizziness and a headache are nothing new to me above  3,800m (12,500’). Nausea however, is new. I’ve had AMS before and I knew I needed to get lower. With a little encouragement from Krishna and Squirrel we decided to deviate from the itinerary and head down.

Gokyo Ri
Despite freezing temps and little oxygen, getting up at 4am to watch the sunrise over Mount Everest (furthest peak to the right) invoked a warmth and happiness that can’t be matched.

The more I walked the better I felt, so we continued even further down into the valley. Before I knew it we had been walking for nearly 9 1/2 hours and were a day ahead of schedule. We spent the night in Dole that evening happy to have air to breathe. This also opened up our itinerary to stay in Jorsale which allowed us to do some much needed laundry and have a hot shower.

Gokyo Ri
After 8 days of trekking up, I couldn’t think of a better reward. Everest and Lotse on the right.

An Honest Business Isn’t a Cheap Business

As with anything you are going to get what you pay for – however buyer beware. I sat down with Dipak before embarking on my trek and he told me that often times, the companies offering the lowest price for a trek will use you to make money from helicopter evacuations.

Acclimatization hike up to many of the small villages where there are no tourists.

We were talking to a group where this had happened to one of the members. They were trekking with a cheaper company which had a rushed itinerary causing someone in the group to get sick and need rescue. Don’t let this be you. Trekking Planner builds in an additional day into each trek for extra acclimatization. There is no pressure to be rescued and Trekking Planner does not bother you about avoiding medication (another thing we saw quite frequently). Instead you are encouraged live day by day and step by step at your own pace. Worth every single rupee you pay.

Trekking Planner Nepal
Successful summit! No wind, little clouds, and amazing company. Krishna is good luck! Thanks Trekking Planner Nepal for making Nepal feel like a second home. Cho Oyu (26,906′) in the background on the left.

Prepare for an Experience of a Lifetime

I’ve got about a million stories from my time in Nepal. I met some amazing Nepali people who welcomed me into their world. Dipak took exceptional care of us before we even arrived in Nepal, until he was tying good luck scarves around our necks at the airport.

trekking planner nepal
Dipak – the man behind this amazing company, wishing us good luck for the long journey home.

If anyone asks me how they should see Nepal, my answer would immediately be with Trekking Planner. Dipak and his team are my premier recommendation for trekking in Nepal. If your plan is to head to the mountains, ask for Krishna.

Have you dreamed of trekking among the highest mountains in the world? Nepal is the premier trekking destination for the Himalaya. Experience Nepal with the best agency: Trekking Planner Nepal.

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55 Thoughts on “Trekking Planner Nepal: A Review of Nepal’s Premier Trekking Agency”

  • I am so glad that you finally got to live your dream and see Mt. Everest. It sucks though that your bag did not make the journey from Dubai. But glad you had such a great trekking company to help you out. Looks like a blast!

  • Wow, what a wonderful, enriching experience! I’m so very glad to hear that you achieved this goal and found such a great trekking agency to go with. I completely agree that a guide can make or break an experience, and am very glad that you found the right one! Gorgeous photos 🙂

  • What a truly amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I really enjoyed reading about your time there and appreciating the absolutely stunning photos. With any luck, I will get there one day.

  • Wow, gokyo with snow… and the lakes are all covered by it. Interesting contrast to when I saw it myself! Glad you found a good guide in Nepal. I spent a long time finding a great guide for my social enterprise as it is a huge task – a make or break in terms of experience. I love the gokyo/cho la pass route (more so then ebc) – it’s good you did that part. Cheers!

    • It was quite amazing to see it all blazing white! Nothing like any of the photos we saw. We got about 18″ in Namche and that equated to over a meter up at Gokyo. It melted by the time we arrived, but Cho La was still closed – only one person had passed in weeks and said they wouldn’t recommend it. If you ever want to collaborate with any endeavors up in Nepal please reach out and let me know.

  • Nepal is a dream destination for us. When we go, we’ll definitely choose Trekking Planner. Your review is very insightful. It’s so good to hear about a reputable company. Treks like this aren’t like visiting a museum. The wrong guide can get you seriously hurt or at least make for a horrible experience. We’ll definitely request Krishna, he seems like the perfect guide and a great all around person. Thanks for these great tips.

    • That’s amazing! You should most definitely go and trek with Krishna. I seriously can’t recommend Trekking Planner enough. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have about Nepal!

  • Wow what a magical experience! It looks so beautiful and your photos capture that beauty perfectly! I definitely agree you get what you pay for, and that is awful about the rescue scams. Thanks for sharing your lovely story of trekking in Nepal!

  • This looks like an amazing trip! Thanks for the tips about companies that may be scamming you – that is a serious issue I could see someone getting into. It really is true that you get what you pay for sometimes!

  • Being with a team of the same people with the same goal is really a good experience. I enjoy travelling with my partner and I think I will also enjoy travelling with a group. Congratulations of making your dream come true. I also dreamed of travelling when I was a child. It was fulfilled when I already reached my 30’s.

  • What an adventure! And although it was a little rough going at times with your bags and your altitude sickness, it sounded like you were in good hands!

  • I’m so jealous!! Nepal is at the top of my travel bucket list, and I would love to go hiking in the Himalayas! You’re inspiring me to check plane tickets to Nepal right now 😉

  • Looks like I found one more experience to add to my bucket list! I love hiking but I never considered trekking in Nepal as something I could be able to do. But it seems that finding a reputable company and having a good guide is a key to having a great experience in the Himalayas. I think I need to look more into what Trecking Planner is offering 🙂

    • Uliana,
      You can definitely do it! Especially if you love hiking – it’s paradise for a mountain lover. There are treks made for all ability levels and lengths of time. I hike nearly every single weekend and mountaineer on smaller (13,000′ – 14,000′) peaks. I thought this route was mostly easy to moderate. The final climb to the top was the toughest part, but as long as you put one foot in front of the other you’ll make it! There were plenty of people around who didn’t have much experience hiking and were doing just fine. I say go for it girl!

  • Wow what an adventure. I don’t know much about AMS but I heard people can get super sick from it. It sounds like you recovered from it quickly so that’s a relief! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to hike the Himalayas so I’ll just have to live vicariously through this post 🙂

  • Wow! That an amazing experience.. so glad you were able to fulfill something you wanted to do as a child! You had such goals at 10 years old! I was probably just dreaming of climbing my backyard tree 😂 Thanks for sharing your journey! It looked amazing!!

  • Loved reading your adventure and the journey to Nepal. Walking on the snow surface , admiring the glacier is like a dream. I am sure that you must have one lifetime experience reaching your destination up in the mountain. Super post and great review.

  • We are heading to Nepal at the end of this year. We have been looking at different trekking options and Trekking Planner Nepal sound great. Having a great guide makes all the difference 🙂

    • Hi Hayley,

      That’s super exciting! If you haven’t made firm plans already, I would try to avoid the middle of the busy season at all costs. It gets very crowded, try to skirt it by going at the very start of the season or the end. We found it was rather nice and quiet going up (beginning of March), but extremely crowded with people heading up when we were coming down! I’m very glad we went when we did.

      I would highly recommend Trekking Planner or at least hiring a guide. I’ll be writing more in-depth about why this is, but the tourism is their number one industry. By hiring a guide and porter you are supporting their country in the best way possible. Also, you will be treated differently if you do not have a guide or porter. It’s almost seen as rude to many of the people of Nepal who struggle to make a living. The only exception I’d say would be if you have been several times and have friends there.

      Hope this helps and enjoy your trip!

  • Definitely the trip of a lifetime! What time of year were you in Nepal? Is there a “best time” to do this trek? This has been a dream of my son’s since he was young. He’s 18 and heading off to college, but a trek in the Himalayas is definitely on his bucket list. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Hey Tara,
      Himalayan dreams are worth fulfilling!

      I was there in the beginning of March. It was cold – we got an unexpected storm – but I would have to say I would recommend that time. There are two main seasons for trekking March-May and October to December. The ladder is the busy season – and by busy I mean you will be walking in a line to base camp and lodging can be difficult to come by. The spring is the climbing season – it’s a little less busy, but still busy. We made the call to get as close to the start of that season as possible. This allowed us to still have good weather (ie clear for views and the flight into Lukla, even though it was quite cold) but without the crowds. On the way down the busy time was starting to ramp up and it was not uncommon to see multiple groups of 10-12 people heading up. On our way up most people were there with just them and their guide – a much more enjoyable experience. Between the brilliant sun and warm stoves of the teahouses the cold only really got to us a couple of times. Most of the time it’s quite manageable with extra layers.

  • That sounds like an amazing trip and Dipak sounds like a phenomenal human being 🙂 I’m so glad you had a great experience. I don’t know if we’ll ever head to Nepal, but the vibrancy of your narrative and photos made the experience come to life. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Wow! That sounds like a remarkable experience! I would love to see Mount Everest! I’m glad you ended up getting you hiking bags and were able to go on this trek. It sounds like such an amazing feet in itself to climb around Everest.

  • Sounds like an amazing adventure, there’s so much to think about so I can see why a good guide is essential. Great tips and advice for anyone looking for a once in a lifetime trip

  • Isn’t it just perfect when everything goes accordingly to plans, down to the last detail. Having a good trekking agency can be so rewarding, and this one sounds just right. Will recommend the name to friends who are planning something similar soon.

  • Wow what an awesome experience. Especially being able to stay in a treehouse and trekk all over Nepal. Never really thought of going there to do that, or going there in general haha but you have sold me!!

  • Loved this. I love trekking and hiking and Nepal has always been my dream destination! This post was awesome, and I loved that you mentioned how you formed bonds with other people on your journey, I think that is one of the best part of hiking, meeting new people on your same journey 🙂

  • What an incredible post. This definitely looks like a dream come true. What an experience. I can’t wait to read more. I love when I read about guides that truly appreciate their guests, culture and what they are doing.

  • Your trek was a wonderful experience and I loved reading about it. The views of the Himalayas are indeed stunning. Oh! What could I not give to be able to sip a hot cup of tea in one of those tea houses while feasting my eyes on the breathtaking views.

  • This sounds – and looks! – like an amazing adventure. It’s great that you can recommend the company so whole-heartedly. How did you find them in the first place – was it research or word of mouth?

  • Such a wonderful experience. Nepal and everest are like every trekker’s dream destinations. Isn’t it? The views from up there must be unlike anything in this world. It must be worth the trek

  • Omg, Meg, I’m basically green with envy right now! I’ve always wanted to trek in Nepal… I’m glad I found your blog, can’t wait to read through the rest of your content 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Everest. Not climb it because I don’t think I’ll ever be in peak physical condition to ever do that. If you were to just go to the base camp and explore the surrounding area, how long do you think you would need to explore around that area?

    • Hi Sara,

      It depends which base camp you are referring to. Everest Base Camp packages are usually around 15 days in country, 11 days of trekking. Do keep in mind that Everest Base Camp is the most popular trek in Nepal. If you’re looking for more solitude it might be worth it to check out a different trek. Times, difficulty, and location vary greatly, but there’s most certainly something for everyone! I’d most certainly hire a guide – my next post will explain more in-depth as to why, but it’s by far the best way to see Nepal.

  • Wow! We envy you. Hiking in Nepal and the Himalayas is one of our dream adventures. We will follow your advice—that is, to check out Trekking Planner—when we get to achieve this dream.

  • This is so much more in line with my style than when I read about people climbing Everest. I would be thrilled to make the journey to the other side of the world for this. Thank you for sharing a totally different option for experiencing Nepal.

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