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Welcome to Fox in the Forest! Where adventure reigns and life is lived outside. Fox in the Forest LLC is a US-based company specializing in kick-ass content for the adventure-driven. From a technical manual on a new backpacking pack to a narrative-driven essay about bagging a tough peak, Fox in the Forest encourages everyone to get in touch with their adventurous side. With over 8,300 social media followers and counting, her content packs a punch.


Meg has experience with SEO, social media campaigns, Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, and other CMS platforms. She works closely with editors to deliver the content they need to fit their publication in a timely and friendly manner. Services include print journalism, blog posts, web content, copywriting, technical manuals, print and digital marketing content, newsletters, and much more. For more information contact Meg.


Meg, called Fox by those she knows, is a full-time freelance writer and social media savvy outdoors woman. She’s simply a 30-something gal with an insatiable lust for adventure. Her passion is to encourage others to jump into the unknown and have an adventure. Based out of Denver, Colorado Fox spends most of her free time finding the perfect backcountry camping spot or being the only one on the summit of a challenging peak. When she’s not home, she’s discovering the remote corners of the planet. She’d rather be dirty than done up.

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