Driving to Gemini Bridges Takes You into the Heart of Moab

When it comes to epic OHV driving, Moab is an absolute haven. For those that have higher clearance, the Gemini Bridges Trail offers plenty of easy 4×4 driving, big views, and a super cool hike to a double natural bridge.

Gemini Bridges is by far one of the best scenic drives in Moab. With just a little bit of dirt road driving skills, you can go on an epically scenic offroad adventure between Moab and Dead Horse Point State Park.

In fact, everyone really has to drive this route at least once – it’s just plain FUN!

As an expert in all things Moab, I’ve got you covered with this amazing guide to Gemini Bridges Road. 

I come to Moab at least 5 times every year. And over the past decade, I’ve mastered how to move about the desert like an expert, not a tourist.

You’ll always get more than just your standard guide on this blog. I want you to experience the magic of the desert like a seasoned pro. Here’s how to indulge in a little offroad driving along Gemini Bridges Road.

About this Guide to Gemini Bridges

This expertly curated guide gives you all the details about making the most of your trip along Gemini Bridges. Inside you’ll find:

  • Gemini Bridges Road location and trailhead information
  • Practical information
  • Camping along Gemini Bridges in Moab
  • Driving the road
  • The Gemini Bridges hike
  • Nearby attractions
  • Additional planning info

Where is Gemini Bridges?

Gemini Bridges Road connects Highway 191 to Horsethief Campground near Dead Horse Point State Park. Most people opt to drive the route from the bottom (Highway 191) up to the top (near Dead Horse). 

Along the way, you’ll find a lot of options for famous offroad challenges such as the Metal Mashers area. Or you can opt to BLM camp (no services). 

One of the main highlights is the short 0.5-mile loop walking trail to the famous Gemini Bridges. Two natural bridges where the road gets its name.

You can start your journey wherever you like, but most people opt to take one of the paved options back – or take another Jeep road back to Moab.

gemini bridges moab

Practical Info for Gemini Bridges in Moab

Gemini Bridges offers a variety of awesome views, a short hike, and lots of off-road adventure.

You don’t need a lifted vehicle to navigate the road. However, there are a few short shelves and drops where extra clearance would be helpful.

We’ve navigated easily with a stock 4Runner and Tacoma. There were other SUVs along the road, but we questioned whether or not they bottomed out a few times. Don’t take a sedan along this road, but a stock SUV with a little bit of clearance will have no problems.

Pro Tip: Never drive on wet roads in Moab. The roads easily becomes impassible and it’s thousands of dollars for a tow. If it’s rained, wait 24 hours until the roads are dry before attempting this route.

Distance: 13 miles one-way
Elevation Gain: 1,925 feet
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Approximate Time: 1 to 2 hours depending on stops
Highlights: Gemini Bridges Trail, spanning views of Moab, a few fun rock obstacles, mountain biking, access to Metal Mashers offroad area.
Dog Friendly: Yes

Pro Tip: If you’re trailering an OHV or other vehicle at the bottom of the trailhead, keep in mind there is a $5 fee for using the private parking lot. Pay the fee at the box before you leave your vehicle. Those who are driving through do not need to pay.

Driving to the Gemini Bridges Trailhead

The road starts off well-graded as it climbs the north east facing cliffs just outside of Moab. The views from here are spectacular and there are a few places to pull over and enjoy them.

Eventually, you’ll reach a higher cliff area where the road levels out as it slowly continues to climb upwards.

From here, you’ll start to encounter obstacles that need a little clearance. You’ll find the Metal Mashers offroad area (specialized 4×4 vehicles required) and a few BLM campsites. Just only camp in the designated areas per the sign. Keep in mind – these fill up QUICKLY in the busy season.

Gemini Bridges Moab
Steep rocky drops and steps make this road impassible with a standard sedan.

Continue along the road until you reach the Gemini Bridges Trailhead. This quick detour takes you to a parking area where you can walk (no bikes allowed either – there is a bike park) to the Gemini Bridges.

The road continues, navigating a few more rock shelves and short drops, along the way. Eventually, it pours out onto BLM Road 313 right outside of Dead Horse Point State Park.

Keep in mind, there are no services along the road and although you’ll for sure see other vehciles, be prepared in case something goes wrong.

Camping Along the Gemini Bridges Trail

There are a few BLM, dispersed campsites along the Gemini Bridges Trail. Keep in mind there are several regulations regarding camping in Moab, so be sure to follow the rules if you choose to head out and camp along Gemini Bridges.

Signs clearly let you know which areas allow camping and which do not. Stick to previously established sites and be prepared with a plan B. These sites fill up quickly during the spring, summer and fall.

Hiking to Gemini Bridges

The Gemini Bridges hike is a simple walking path that leads to two magnificent natural bridges. As one of the best hikes in Moab for beginners, this is a must-do.

This 0.5-mile easy trail takes about 15 minutes to complete and gives you the option of walking across these awesome twin, red-rock bridges.

Follow the path (painted rocks on the ground light the way) until you reach an obvious rock feature. 

Walk across the bridge, but be careful – there are no guardrails. If you have dogs or young children, keep a close watch on them as the drop is fierce.

Make your way back to your car. If you came via mountain bike, you’ll have to lock your bike at the bike rack and walk to the bridges.

gemini bridges moab

Gemini Bridges Nearby Attractions

There are plenty of amazing things to do in Moab and Gemini Bridges puts you in the heart of the action.

After you’ve driven the road, be sure to check out Island in the Sky in Canyonlands, home to some of the most amazing views of the nearby area. 

Or make your way to Dead Horse Point State Park (an ideal option if you’ve got a doggo in tow) for some easy scenic hiking or mountain biking along the canyon rim.

Take Long Canyon Road back home if you have a 4Runner or equivalent vehicle. You can crawl your car underneath a giant rock boulder as you make your way down a series of heart-pumping rock drops. Then finish your day off at Corona Arch for an easy hike to stretch your legs.

gemini bridges

Additional Planning Resources

Planning a trip to Moab? I’ve got you covered with these locally-curated guides to travel like an expert, not a tourist.


Looking for the most adventurous things to do in Moab? If you're wondering what the most scenic drives in Moab are, the Gemini Bridges drive is one of the best things to do in Moab that must be in your itinerary!

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