The Best Adventure and Outdoor Podcasts for Adventure Nerds

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Over the past two months, I’ve traveled to two different states and four countries. All of that time in transit can only mean one thing: podcast binging. This list is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of topics and popularity, but one thing they have in common – a passion for the outdoors. Here is my list of the best outdoor podcasts. 

Dirtbag Diaries 

Who doesn’t love the Dirtbag Dairies? Fitz Cahall sets the bar for stories in the wild. Reporting on everything from young kids kayaking the Grand Canyon to quitting your job to say yes to adventure the Dirtbag Dairies embodies the spirit of the outdoors. This is one of the best adventure outdoor adventure podcasts out there. My only wish is that episodes were longer. 

I have too many favorites to name, but this one got me thinking about quitting my career and doing what was best for me: Saying Yes.

crag life

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Hike Like a Woman 

Rebecca Walsh started the Hike Like a Woman podcast almost a year ago. The episodes cover a lot of women-related issues in the outdoors and in life. She loves to interview everyday women who like to rock out in the outdoors. Her honest and open personality makes her fun to listen to. This is my favorite hiking podcast.

Be sure to listen to my episode about trekking in Nepal. Another personal fav or mine is her short episode on how to deal with critics. 

Nepal Trekking Tips

The Sharp End 

The Sharp End is hosted by Ashley Saupe and sponsored by the American Alpine Club. I’ve watched this podcast grow since its inception and I like the direction it’s going in. Each episode focuses on a serious accident in the outdoors. This certainly isn’t a podcast for the squeamish. However, if you are serious about the outdoors this is well worth a listen. Although many of the accidents discussed on the show are tragic, they provide valuable insight into what could have been done better and how to be prepared in hostile mountain environments. The Sharp End is one of the best climbing and mountaineering podcasts.

Personal favs: Climbing Pyramid Peak 

She Explores 

This podcast focuses on women-related issues in the outdoors. It’s emotionally charged and Gale Straub, the host, does a great job at digging deep into the emotions of what drives people to get outside. Check out The Women of Wylder. 


These are a few podcasts that I keep coming back to. They don’t relate to the outdoors, but they do tell incredible stories about everyday life. 

Snap Judgement 

Snap is an old school favorite of mine. I anxiously await the new episode every week. Each episode usually consists of three different stories told around a theme. Sometimes a story is so epic it commands its own episode. 

BBC Documentaries 

This isn’t really so much as a podcast as it is a collection of audio reports about interesting happenings around the world. Many of the episodes are focused on news and events that aren’t widely reported on. Since it’s the BBC, the podcast does have a reporting-type format to it. However, there is more of a narrative format. A recent favorite episode of mine is about a Somali Refuge Living the American Dream. 

snowshoeing with a dog - winter wonderland

The Moth 

The Moth is all about the story. There is no host. It’s an event where people get up and tell stories about their lives. Episodes are typically recorded live and the stories they tell remind us of how diverse the world really is. I love their adventure stories.

I really do love stories. I’m a writer after all. If you’ve got an awesome podcast you’d like to share I’d love to check it out.  

The best outdoor podcasts you've got to listen to. A look at amazing outdoor podcasts to inspire your next adventure. #outdoors #podcasts
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