Freelance Writing

Aside from writing this blog I love to create amazing content! Although I focus on writing for the outdoor industry, no subject is off-limits for me – I truly do enjoy diving in, researching and creating some amazing copy to accompany your business or publication. A successful project hinges on open communication lines. I’m punctual, hard-working, and believe in delivering you the best product to support your business.

I have expertise in a variety of subjects. Fun fact: did you know that I’m also a licensed architect in the state of Colorado? Also, did you know I started my architectural career working for a subcontractor welding non-structural framing? This unique knowledge base makes me a perfect candidate to help you with your construction, architectural, or real-estate writing needs.

Furthermore, if you haven’t noticed, I’m really into the outdoors and adventure travel. I love exploring the world through written word. Whether it be a nuts and bolts article about how to choose a backpack or a full-blown narrative about life in rural Nepal I’m in! Here is a sample of some sponsored content.

If you’re looking for a content writer, blogger, or copywriting let’s chat! 

Want to know more? Check out my Freelance Writing Page.

Social Media

Looking for someone to kick start your social media? Or perhaps you need someone to keep the cool content coming! I’m your girl. Pairing up great content with an eye-catching photo is a great way to reach your audience. Engagement is the key to success, not simply numbers. For a great example of my engagement levels, check out my Instagram.

For more information on services I offer related to social media click here.

Influencer and Blog Promotion

I’m always looking for new opportunities to team up with a good fit. If you have something groovy going on let’s chat! Please drop me a line explaining your project, product, or service and why you believe it will align with the adventure-driven content here at Fox in the Forest.  I’d love to hear from you. Please see my Media Kit for more info.



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