According to Time Magazine if a business was given the chance at having 2 million loyal Facebook fans or a Super Bowl ad, they chose Facebook. However, in a world with so many options and so much information flooding in, mastering social media platforms can seem like a nightmare. Not for me.

You need to get your content out into the world, and social media is the best way to do it. Think of it as today’s person to person referral. There is an art to managing your social media and it isn’t about pushing action. My goal is to help you build a community by adding trust and value to your content. Although numbers are important, truly valuable social media revolves around providing great content and encouraging interaction on the platform.

My services include:

  • Managing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest
  • Teaching and aiding in building a social media presence
  • Helping or running campaigns through social media
  • Setting up social media outlets and handing them over for your use
  • Aligning branding and campaign efforts for both individuals and businesses
  • Creating attractive content to build trust with your audience

Looking to get started? Contact me and let’s get in touch regarding your latests project.

An ad for a social media campaign I did for Adventure Some Women and their annual retreat.