Hike Like a Woman Ambassador

I’m taking a break from normal broadcasting this week to deliver some exciting news.

I am the newest member of the 2017-2018 ambassador team over at Hike Like a Woman. First and foremost, it’s a huge honor. Rebecca Walsh, the founder of the community, must think I’m some kind of cool.

What is Hike Like a Woman?

Hike Like a Woman, or HLAW is a community for women and by women. It’s a place where women can virtually gather to learn about the outdoors. Blog articles, outdoor courses, and a fabulous podcast are some of the offerings over at HLAW. They even have an Outdoor Mom Academy. Even though I’m not a parent myself, I find this to be pretty darn cool!

What Will You Be Up to as a Hike Like a Woman Ambassador?

As an ambassador my role is to not only support the goings-on at Hike Like a Woman, but to also be involved in a meaningful way. I decided to try something new and join the sponsorship and gear review team. Currently, I’m helping out with organizing our gear testing efforts at Hike Like a Woman. Like all things I try, expect periodic updates on lessons learned.

What Does Being Chosen for this Role Mean to Me?

Above the adventure, the press, my business as a writer and my shenanigans lies one passion: connect people to the world of adventure. I don’t want to be famous. I’m not a superhero. I am not a prodigy. What I do consist of is your everyday woman who aims to do extraordinary things. I have learned so much about failure, honesty, and strength from spending time outside. Back in May of 2017, I quit my job to make spreading that message my life’s mission. As a part of the team over at Hike Like a Woman, I get to embrace that passion and share it with others who share my same vision.

Needless to say, the next year will be exciting. My goal is to learn from others and enjoy working with some fun and fearless females to better the outdoor community for women everywhere. So cheers to all of you outdoorsy ladies!

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