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7 Signs You Are a Lady Dirtbag

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You can’t say “no” to a good old-fashioned sufferfest. You live for a sunrise on top of a challenging peak. Perhaps you’ve traded in a good pair of heels for the perfect mountaineering boot. Either way, you’re out there. Dirty. Sweaty. And all smiles. In essence, you’d rather be dirty than done up. Perhaps you are that badass, pack hauling, lead climbing lady dirtbag. Or maybe you know someone who is. Either way, the lady dirtbag lifestyle commands respect and plenty of adventure.

As some of you may know, I’m writing an ebook with my good friend Sarah over at Miss Adventure Pants. She’s a badass, mountain-slaying, world-travelling lady dirtbag. However, neither one of us started out slaying the gnar. Heck, several years ago, I fretted over stemware for dinner parties (no joke). We decided the give you an in-depth look at the skills you need to be a badass outdoors. Thus, the Lady Dirtbag was born. This May, your guide to badassery will be available for your full reading pleasure.

how to be a dirtbag

Let’s face it, lady dirtbags have more fun!

You Can’t Say “No” to Type Two Fun

Does the plan involve long distances with steep elevation gains for a challenge of EPIC proportions? Yes. Then chances are you are game. Every lady dirtbag loves a good dose of type two fun. Whether that’s hauling a large pack up and over a couple of mountains, running through trails, or punching in some epic sends it’s all in the name of fun and a good challenge. Whatever your dream is, you aren’t afraid to chase it, even if it means bailing. At least you got out there and went for the slay.

Your Shoes Meant for Dirt Outnumber Your Footwear Meant for Marble

Approach shoes: check. Mountaineering boots: Check. Chacos: Check. Burly hikers: Check and double check! Your closet is chock full of all things outdoors. It’s a wonder your flats and heels have any room between the boots covered in desert dust and the freshly-laid toecaps of your climbing shoes. Here we were, thinking you were attending boring awards ceremonies every weekend. You spend your hard earned cash on gear and the gas to get to the next big epic.

type 2 fun

Some genuine type 2 funning right here!

Your Favorite Bar is Called the Campfire

You won’t find lady dirtbags crawling around nightclubs. If you want to meet a lady dirtbag, you’re going to have to get outside and find one. Happy hour is a simple recipe: flask full of booze or a can of something cheap, delicious snacks (the more unhealthy the better), and the crackle of a nice fire. Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like hanging out around the mesmerizing flames with a couple of besties.

Step up your wilderness game. Get your Lady Dirtbag’s Guide to Freedom today!

Forget All-Night Ragers, You’d Rather Be on Dawn Patrol

Partying all night is a thing of the past. You revel in those alpine starts. A 3 am wake-up call? No problem. If there’s one thing you know is worth it, it’s a sexy sunrise out in nature. Bonus points if it includes a little alpenglow.

How to become a dirtbag

My favorite bar is called the campfire, and you can’t Google the address.

On the Weekends Your Healthy Eating Habits Go Out the Window

Your diet is simple: eat well during the week, all bets are off on the weekend. That’s because you’re out, burning countless calories all weekend long. Along the trail you nosh on all the fat, sugar and carbs this plentiful earth has to offer and you don’t feel an ounce of guilt. As your dusty feet carry you back to your adventure wagon, you’ve got one thing on your mind: food. Every lady dirtbag celebrates her adventure in a different manner. For me, it’s a heaping plate of nachos, no holds barred.

A Lady Dirtbag is a Connoisseur of Sleeping in Your Vehicle

Perhaps you’ve built out the back of a pickup, own a camper, or simply know how to make your sedan a palatial estate in a jiffy. Lady dirtbags have mastered the art of sleeping in their car on a moment’s notice. After work, you race to the trailhead, crash, and gear up for your alpine start. It’s ritual at this point and you’ve got your system down to a tee.

camper van life

You can’t beat a good adventure wagon setup. Nor can you beat the feeling of being able to change your bra for the first time in four days.

You Know How to Make Both Strength and Fear Sing

Let’s be clear: no one is invincible. We are all human and we all have fears and doubt. A lady dirtbag knows this. You understand how to grow strong by facing your fears. In fact, it’s your willingness to face those fears that make you a strong, badass lady dirtbag. Sometimes, fear gets the best of us, but you’re always willing to give it another try and you know just how to encourage other lady dirtbags to do the same.

Perhaps you aspire to be better, learn more and grow. The ultimate spirit of a lady dirtbag is a woman who isn’t afraid to be true to herself, let societal expectations go, and push herself in the outdoors.

Up your outdoor skill set and be a lady dirtbag. If you love a good challenge, getting outdoors, and sharing the stoke with others, then you are a lady dirtbag. #outdoorskills #womenwhoclimb #hikingforwomen #womensoutdoors

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