Things I Love

I have been to many places and there are a few special experiences that will stick with me forever. Some of these experiences couldn’t have been possible without the help of some stellar companies curating unique experiences across the world.

Trekking Planner Nepal – Nepal

Trekking Planner Nepal

Image courtesy of Trekking Planner

Planning a trek to Nepal has been more intensive that I had originally thought. Dipak over at Trekking Planner Nepal has been nothing but accommodating for all of my needs. My flights have gotten cancelled and re-booked leaving at inopportune times no problem for Trekking Planner Nepal – I’ve even got a hotel room to crash in for an extra day. If you’re looking for custom, quality service for a trek look no further than Trekking Planner Nepal. Every step of the way Dipak has taken great care of me to make sure that I’m all squared away.

Escape Campervans – New Zealand

Escape Campervans - Road Trip New Zealand

Have the road trip of your life!

Escape gave me a one of a kind experience while road tripping through New Zealand. They really are a one of a kind outfit. Laid back yet professional and more than happy to give some valuable local insight on how to make the most of your time in New Zealand. We had one of their older models and she ran like a dream. These are roomy yet easy to drive on the New Zealand roads. Not to mention – what a cool paint job!

Cumaceba Lodge – Amazon near Iquitos, Peru


Lovely jungle bungalow!

I visited the Amazon back in 2009. The Amazon jungle cannot truly be described in words. For a student budget Cumaceba delivered beyond my wildest dreams.The guides are exceptionally knowledgeable about local culture, flora, and fauna. The entire experience heightened the senses and fulfilled the soul. Ever since I left I’ve been dreaming about going back. If you’re looking for a sustainable, budget friendly option to truly experience the charms, ecology, culture, and challenge of the Amazon look no further than Cumaceba Lodge.

As a note, some of this content is sponsored and some is not. Either way they would not make this page unless I truly believed in the genuine quality of these outfits.