Adventures of Fox in the forest - SquirrelSquirrel (aka John) is my counterpart, some may argue my better half, he wanted me to refer to him as “my man servant” but that’s silly. However, he is frequently my photographer for shots on the blog. I call him my best forest friend. We have been adventuring together since 2014.

He’s a big part of why I fell back in love with the outdoors, encouraging me to push my boundaries. As an avid rock climber, he dragged me into the world of climbing despite my bone chilling fear of heights. Moreover, he’s been a big driving force in my mountaineering exploits, encouraging me that I can do anything I set my mind to. In return for helping me face some butt-puckering heights, I have opened up the doors of international travel and gently pushed him through. Some might argue that for a second trip abroad, Nepal is not gentle, but we love exploring so much, he doesn’t mind…all that much.

Both of us have a taste for adventure that can’t be satisfied. We compliment each other in a way that words don’t describe. Although we don’t always adventure together, we frequently hold hands and jump into the great unknown!